The Artisan Experience

We're a boutique Design-Build firm that provides a personalized approach to each and every project. Our Design-Build team is driven by a single ambition - to reduce the time it takes to accurately design and construct your custom home, renovation, or commercial space.


You have bright ideas; it's our job to make them happen!

The Artisan Multi-Step Process

"We have all heard the same story from family, friends, and colleagues about their project taking longer and costing more than originally anticipated. It doesn't have to be that way". With the Artisan Multi-Step Process we're able to provide you with a well-defined scope of work, accurate budgets, and scheduling prior to construction.

The Artisan Multi-Step Process, Artisan Construction Group

Step I - Pre-Construction Design & Budget Development

Site Visit and Feasibility - Together we tour the project site and discuss your needs, functionality, and scope of work. We prepare a feasibility report based on city zoning bylaws and requirements.

Conceptual Design - We arrange a pre-design meeting at the city for project assessment. Then, conceptual design drawings with a preliminary budget are produced for our review and discussion.

The Artisan Multi-Step Process - Step 1.1

Design Development A detailed and coordinated design is provided. The floor plans, sections, elevations and typical construction details are completed and ready for the building permit drawings.

Interior Design The interior design drawings and specification packages are produced that contain the selected finishes and fixtures for your project.

Construction Drawings & Budget - The design is developed into a set of construction drawings for building permit submission. Your budget, and schedule is defined and finalized so there are no unexpected surprises.

The Artisan Multi-Step Process - Step 1.2

3D Imaging & Modeling - 3D renderings and other modeling services are available to help you better understand your designs.


The Artisan Multi-Step Process - Step 1.3

Step II - Physical Construction

Project Schedule - You are assigned a dedicated project manager and site supervisor throughout the duration of your project to keep things on track.

Quality Control - your dedicated site supervisor is onsite to manage the day-to-day operations and monitor the work of trade contractors for any deficiencies.

Transparent Accounting - We maintain an effective system of project cost control with our accounting software, where you receive bi-monthly invoices and statements for the work completed.

The Artisan Multi-Step Process - Step 2

Step III - Post Construction

Service - The end of construction is not the end of our relationship, you can be rest assured that we will always be available to ensure a lasting positive experience.

Warranty - A comprehensive warranty program of 2-5-10 years comes with each project and provides you with piece of mind and ongoing warranty suppport.

Operations and Manuals - We create a custom owners manual which is supplied to you in a digital format. It contains a complete list of all the services, products, and materials that went into your project, including the photographic journal documentation.

The Artisan Multi-Step Process - Step 3.1

Over the years Artisan has developed its detailed checklists and standard operating procedures for each of these steps. Each project is dynamic and presents its own set of challenges but by following our systems and methodology we can guarantee your project will be a complete success.

Builder Technology

The Artisan cloud based construction management systems allow you to have access to the progress of your home building project 24/7. Anywhere you're connected, you have the ability to track budgets and schedules, review plans, view photos, and make changes.

We feel that outstanding communication and collaboration between all parties is essential. The home building design consultants, engineers, and project management are all brought together - sharing ideas - focusing on your individual project. Watch the video to see how we keep you in the loop.


Artisan Construction Group provides a wide variety of industry related services specifically tailored to better accommodate our clientele. Additionally, we are able to collaborate with third party design consultants on a per project basis.

Property Aquisition - We are focused on helping you find that perfect location to suit your individual needs. Together with our team, we will develop a comprehensive feasibility study for the potential locations under consideration.

Architecture & Interior Design - Artisan offers comprehensive architectural and interior design services with key partners to both the residential and commercial sectors that address the diverse needs of each client.

Survey & Engineering - Artisan will provide the required survey and engineering services as needed by the city or governing body for building permit submission.

Construction Management - Artisan provides construction management services that work seamlessly with the owner and third party design consultants. Our expertise is instrumental in providing both cost-effective and practical advice on all construction related matters.

Consulting - Furthermore we can provide Audio Visual, IT and Phone Networks as needed for your home or business. We have the capacity to develop a specification, make recommendations and assist in the selection process.