Artisan Construction Group is proud to be an independent dealer and preferred builder for Lindal Homes, a family owned company with a history of building dreams since 1945. For seven decades, Lindal Homes have built its legendary reputation for quality, environmental responsibility, and personalized service, continually refining its products and fulfillment process to reflect contemporary client needs.

Lindal Homes

Lindal Homes has led and innovated the manufactured housing industry. With over 50,000 completed custom homes worldwide in virtually every climate and on every type of terrain, the Lindal post and beam system has been continuously and purposefully refined to enable almost limitless design flexibility of quality and price that is unrivaled.

The company's home in Seattle and its longlasting volume participant in the premium lumber markets of the Pacific Northwest have secured for clients a caliber of material available only as special orders elsewhere. This material quality, the level of building technology knowledge required to design, and engineer homes worldwide, form the basis for Lindal's providing the industry's only lifetime structural warranty; its status as the only Green Approved system build home; the first and most successful partner of choice for many of todays most renowned residential architects.

Lindal has created what many thought impossible: warm modern home design. Whether you choose a modern Turkel Design Lindal, an architect-designed home plan from the Lindal Architects Collaborative, or a Lindal Classic custom home designed uniquely for you, Artisan will help you craft the home of your dreams.

"A lot of things have changed since Lindal Cedar Homes was founded. What hasn't changed is our passion for quality; we've found it never goes out of style."- Sir Walter Lindal

The Heart of the Lindal Experience

The Lindal Experience focuses on providing quality design and pricing services that enable us to create, and price custom designs in less time than others require to make simple modifications to standard designs, inspiring client confidence while making efficient use of their time and financial resources.

The lindal Experience includes offering attractive options, engineering each house for the climatic and other local regulatory requirements, providing a complete package of carefully labeled materials, assembled with time-tested details, providing immediate and skilled assistance, guidance, and trouble shooting during all business hours.

And finally, the Lindal Experience includes important maintenance information, warranty service and the ability to update or add to your home decades after move-in.


The Lindal building system is a post and beam kit and offers the greatest degree of design flexibility, the efficient use of material and human resources, and the greatest shipping efficiency. The Lindal system includes those materials that are assembled to create a weather-tight shell. On the inside, we provide finely detailed wood components - the exposed structural beams, fine woods to line the roof or ceiling surfaces interior partitions, interior trim systems, doors, stair and rail systems.

Lindal Materials are legendary in quality - made of architectural grade western red cedars, Douglas fir, and other western woods. These woods offer an incomparable combination of strength, enduring dimensional stability, and beauty. In the Lindal system, the components are carefully detailed to join beautifully with each other.


The Lindal building system offers enormous design flexibility and a broad range of material choices. Our building system, a time tested post and beam kit, enables genuine personalization without sacrificing predictability.

Think of the Lindal building system as a set of LEGO. Each part is predefined. Its strength; how it connects to other components; its price; and which other components can be substituted for greater structural strength or client preference.

Like LEGO, the building system enables for an infinite array of designs. And each design is created of components that can easily be interchanged with others without losing sight of cost, appearance, or structural capability.


Lindal Homes and Artisan provide you with a planning process and product that celebrate individuality without losing sight of the need for predictability. Each design is created and refined through an iterative design process, and every iteration will be followed by a detailed estimate for the completed home. Each time you make changes, you will understand how those changes will impact cost.

How much does Lindal cost?

The final price of a Lindal home takes into account many variables, including labor and finishing costs. Learn more. Artisan will work with your budget and your ideas to create the Lindal Home of your dreams.